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New to Shoeselfee? 

Here Is How Shoe Game Works! 

For starters ask yourself these questions... 

What type of Shoe Game are you interested in? 

 a. Are you looking to buy a new pair of shoes?

 b. Do you want to make money...are you interested in becoming a shoeselfee professional or entrepreneur? Do you own a business that sells shoes and you’re in need of an advertising platform? 

 c. Do you own shoes that you don’t wear anymore, never worn, or only wore a few times? 

 d. Do you have Shoe Game? Are you interested in sharing your Shoe Game with the Shoeselfee community? 

If so, Shoeselfee.com can help. Visit these helpful links on the homepage. 

Shoeselfee Professionals 

How to Buy Shoe Game 

How to Share Shoe Game 

How to Become a Shoe Game Seller 

How to Auction 

How to Trade 

More Questions to ask yourself:

What's the point of owning the perfect pair of shoes, if you just plan to let them sit in the closet collecting dust? Do you have Shoe Game? Share your Shoe Game and stories with the shoeselfee community. Take your shoes out the closet and dust them off. Take photos or videos and upload them to our site. 

Do you have shoes that you no longer want? If so, are they still in good enough condition to sell?  

If you want to sell, auction, or trade your shoes for another pair - again, take photos or videos and upload them to our site.   

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and read the shoe or video guidelines. Anyone can buy Shoe Game from the marketplace. However, subscription to ShoeSelfee is required to share, sell, auction or trade. 

It's as simple as that. 

"Good to Knows" 

How do I update account information? 

You can change account information in your profile 

Can’t find the answer you need? Contact us by using the form and we'll be sure to get back to you within two business days.