How to Auction – Shoeselfee

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How to Auction

Select Auction to enter the live auction and bid on shoes. 

Shoe items are sold by independent sellers or shoeselfee running their own shoe events. An event is a shoe item scheduled for auction at a specific date and time. 

Just like attending an auction in person, watch each bid as it comes in. When you're ready to bid, it's a simple click.

Click on “Place by Bid” option and review the "Good to Knows" regarding timing, minimum bidding amount allowed, starting bid amount, and bid end date.


We suggest adding your shipping cost to the selling price of your item. This way, your shipping cost will be covered.

In addition, when adding your shoes for auction to products in your marketplace, simple add the "auction" tag to the product. 



The fee for placing a bid in the auction is $5 and is non-refundable. 

Prior to placing a bid the auctioneer must select the shoe color/size and have a valid credit card on file to secure the funds for the shoes upon winning. 

Auction items will remain on the auction floor for up to (1) week from post date or until sold, whichever comes first.