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How to Trade

How does trade work?

As a Seller you can trade in the marketplace  

Option 1: Post your shoes for sale. Began looking for a shoe of equal value and let the seller know that you are interested in trading.

Option 2:  Post your shoes for sale. If another seller is interested in trading, they will make you an offer. 


I have a shoe for sale and a subscriber asks if I would like to trade for a shoe of equal value. I would like to accept this offer. How should I proceed? 

Agree to make the trade. You buy his shoes and he buys yours for the same price. This method is used to protect both parties. If you go outside of and ship your shoes based on a promise that you will have something shipped to you in return, you are bound to be disappointed when nothing arrives, and you realize that you have given away your shoes to a smooth-talking con artist. Completing the transaction through will ensure that all parties are protected, and transactions are completed as mutually agreed upon.