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Support Guide

Shoeselfee Photo/Video Guide

If you are looking to sell your shoes at your desired price then we recommend you take some time to prepare your photos/videos according to the following guidelines. A little prep time beforehand won’t hurt! In addition, the same guidelines should apply when preparing shoes which you plan to trade or auction. 

The objective here is to catch the buyer's attention, so to do this, you need to ensure that your shoes look good on your feet. 

We put together some useful photography tips to help you achieve this goal:

Shoeselfee Preparation:

1. Used shoes should be cleaned prior to taking a photo.

2. Determine the perfect place and desired position to take your photo/video. Position yourself and your shoes so that you can take the perfect picture. This picture/video will be at an angle, but this is fine, so long as both shoes are visible in the photo with toes pointed forward/diagonally.

3. Take the same exact picture/video, with the same exact angle on the opposite side.

4. Try to take photos against or on top of a white or light-colored background, if possible. However, if you are out doing your thing…no worries.

5.Take the photo/video, post it and let the audience decide if it works or not.

6. Same applies if someone is taking the shoeselfee photo or video for you!

7. Keep in mind, the less busy the background, the better your chances are of gaining the attention of others.

8. Ensure that the lighting is good! You might not want to take a picture of your shoes while dancing in the middle of the floor in a dark night club, but this might work for video if you have some great video editing skills and can add in some special effects.

9. Utilize natural lighting whenever possible. 

10. At least 2 photos should be taken with the shoes on your feet, to include both sides of your shoes. However, we recommend that you take several photos, especially if you are interested in selling, auctioning or trading. However, video will allow you to raise the stakes a bit and gain the attention of buyers.

11. Video should not be more than 15 seconds.

Should you choose to include additional photos or video here is what we recommend:

1. Be creative! Use your imagination….

2. Consider what you can do with the shoes “off of your feet.”

3. Use special props and/or video to enhance the buyer’s experience – take photos with shoes at different levels or on a different surface if you want to show the bottom or inside of the shoes. 

4. Take a picture of back side of the shoes.

5. Consider close-up photo/video if you want to enhance any special features of the shoes (brand name, textures or red bottoms).

6. Consider how you can incorporate or include a shoe bag or matching handbag or outfit.

Remember, the key here is to keep an open mind and think outside the box. However, remember the main objective is to call attention to the shoes! 

Before you know it, you will be a Shoeselfee Professional.